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Fmg9 civilian

Via MagPul Industries Corp. MagPul Military Industries Corp. PO Box Longmont, Colorado I love that set up and truley do feel that i need to have one of those as soon as they available for sale. Noone of the airport-security will think it could be a gun. Airport security would be the same. Probably what they designed that setup for. Sweet stuff, though! Cute, but drawing a hand gun from a holster would be quicker if you needed it in a hurry to protect yourself.

What the hell is wrong with you people. I suggest an easier route of just trying to get along, rather then killing each other. I know it sounds crazy, but you too can work towards not mowing each other down with machine guns whilst taking out the garbage, or walking the dog.

Oh Canada has something to say! What could be more important than the opinion of one of the most irrelevant countries in the world. Guns are for protection and we have the right to cary a gun so shut up and surrender to the US Canada!!!! Pitty I will never get my hands on one of these. You must be logged in to post a comment. March 2nd, at am.

Tenneile Baxter on March 11th, Azrael Tod on March 17th, Bob A Bowie on April 17th, Recent Posts on FuturistSpeaker. Is it Worth Saving?

June 4, During periods of great chaos, comes great opportunities! A complex coronavirus made worse with bad incentives! Tesla begins taking Cybertruck orders in China, Will drive one across America How far back in time could a modern English speaker go and still communicate?Since the Chinese Civil Warno armistice or peace treaty has ever been signed, so as the final line of defense against a possible invasion by the People's Liberation Army PLAthe primary focus is on defense and counterattack against amphibious assault and urban warfare.

The ROC Army's current operational strength includes 3 armies5 corps.

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As ofthe Army's 35 brigades include 25 infantry brigades, 5 armoured brigades and 3 mechanized infantry brigades. These are formed by elements of de-activated brigades under each area defense command. The strength of a defense team may vary from one or more reinforced battalions, making it roughly equal to a regiment. The team CO is usually a full colonel.

The rank of Generalissimo was bestowed only once, to Chiang Kai-shek and currently is abolished. Sincethe rank of Colonel General shall be granted only in wartime. The Republic of China Military Academy trains officers for the army in a four-year program.

Until the s, the stated mission of the Army was to retake the mainland from the People's Republic of China. Following the lifting of martial law in and the democratization of the s, the mission of the ROC Army has been shifted to the defense of TaiwanPenghuKinmen and Matsu from a PLA invasion.

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With the reduction of the size of the ROC armed forces in recent years, the Army has endured the largest number of cutbacks as ROC military doctrine has begun to emphasize the importance of offshore engagement with the Navy and Air Force. The Army is also in the process of transitioning to an all volunteer force. From the s onwards, the Republic of China Army launched several upgrade programmes to replace out-dated equipment with more advanced weapons, also increasing its emphasis on forces that could be rapidly deployed and were suited for combat in Taiwan's heavily urbanized environment.

fmg9 civilian

Along with the other ROC military branches, the ROC Army has extensive experience in the construction and utilization of tunnels and bases gained during the People's Republic of China's bombardments of Kinmen and Matsu during the Cold War and many facilities are rumoured to be located underground in undisclosed locations. The U. Of the total 6. The design and technology used in the tanks date back to the s and s, including their mm rifled gun and utilizing traditional steel armor plating rather than composite materials used in modern armored fighting vehicles.

Testing and evaluation are expected to be completed in and application of new features to start in Bush in Some criticisms were made to these M1 Abrams purchases, some analysts expressed that Taiwan's terrain and some of its bridges and roads are unsuitable for the tonne M1A2. CM Yunpao, an 8x8 armoured personnel carrier locally manufactured, will replace ageing Ms and V armoured vehicles.The Magpul FMG-9 is a prototype for a new generation of folding submachine gunsdesigned by Magpul Industries in Like other folding machine guns, it would be used for concealed carry and can be disguised as anything from a small package to an extra laptop battery.

It is made out of a light-weight polymer material rather than metal, making it very light and easy to carry. It was developed for potential use by personal protection details such as the United States Secret Service.

As of Magpul has indicated no intention of bringing the prototype to production. The FPG fires 6mm pellets with a magazine capacity of 48 rounds.

Is the FMG 9 for sale or was it just a prototype and if so how much do they cost?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type of Submachine gun.

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Type of Airsoft gun. Soldier Systems Daily. February 10, Archived from the original on Categories : 9mm Parabellum submachine guns Trial and research firearms of the United States Firearms stubs.

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fmg9 civilian

Airsoft gun. This firearms -related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.Just when we thought we had enough problems with cops thinking innocent MP3 players were weaponsalong comes this Magpul prototype FMG-9 submachine gun.

Magpul FMG-9

Ordinarily disguised as a flashlight, a touch of a button lets you pull a Megatron and flip out a fully-functional submachine gun.

If you don't want either, the whole thing folds into a back-pocket sized brick -- but as the demo dude says, if it "gets nasty, get down to business. Buyer's Guide. Log in.

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Sign up. Magpul FMG-9 flips from flashlight to submachine gun. Latest in Fmg Image credit:. Sponsored Links. In this article: fmg-9gunmagpul. All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Engadget's Back-to-School Guide.

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fmg9 civilian

Gunstocks, Grips Remington Rifles AR Rifles - Sm Bushmaster Rifles Tactical Rifles M Sort by Remington Magpul Bolt Action Rifle 6. Gun : GA Sales: Remington Magpul. This brand new Remington Magpul is a bolt-action rifle which fires the 6. It has a 22" threaded barrel and matte black finish. This includes 1 5-round magazin Magpul ACS stock, used like new condition as can be seen in pictures.

GA Sales: 2. Time Left: 1 days 10 hours 52 minutes. This stock features an adjustable length of pull and comb height, machined aluminum adjustment knobs with positive locking click Time Left: 11 days 10 hours 4 minutes. Limited to available stock.

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Get them before the elections! Price is for 10 mags. Features: Compatible with standard Remington pattern short actions with stock Remington hinged floorplatThe Magpul FMG-9 folding machine gun was a prototype folding machine pistol built on a modified Glock 18 with a folding carbine stock, designed by Magpul Industries in Designed with use for concealed carry in mind, the full firearm can to be folded into an apparently innocuous box. A purely prototype design, Magpul have stated that they did not have any intention to bring the FMG-9 into production.

The FMG-9 used a Glock 18 as a base gun, with the pistol grip, trigger and trigger guard modified to fold flat and retain the magazine. The FMG-9 retains the standard Glock controls such as the magazine release and slide release, with the addition of an external charging handle so the outer shell did not have to be removed to chamber a round.

The shell was designed to fit the round extended Glock 18 magazine.

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Unfolding the weapon was a simple matter of pulling the external charging handle: the weapon would then automatically unfold. As the weapon used a Glock 18 as a base gun, it had a very similar rate of fire, around 1, RPM.

It was made out of a lightweight polymer material rather than metal, making it very easy to carry. The top of the outer shell featured a picatinny rail, which can be fitted with a distinctive carry handle with a front mount for accessories: it was displayed fitted with a flashlight, with the idea being to disguise it as a handheld spotlight.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save.One click laterthe spring-assisted deployment mechanism snaps and you have a sub machine gun ready to fire. The innocuous FMG acronym stands for Folding Machine Gun and its small size and lightweight polymer casing belie its firepower - folded it holds 31 9x19 mm NATO rounds in a Glock magazine and although the prototype was only semi-automatic, a fully automatic version will almost certainly be available if production goes ahead.

The Magpul Folding Machine Gun FMG9 is a rapidly-deployable, ultra-concealable personal defense weapon currently in development for military, law-enforcement and private security operators. It is designed to offer maximum firepower and control in a compact and discreet package.

The non-firing prototype was unveiled during the SHOT Show and features a streamlined polymer casing, ready-to-fire push-button deployment, Glock 17 slide assembly, capability to accept up to round Glock 18 magazines in the folded positiontop Picatinny MIL-STDA rail and a detachable carrying handle with light shield.

An Insight Technologies tactical light was mounted on the prototype. Additional space allows for an auto-sear to be installed for qualified users. The FMG9 is currently a conceptual prototype. No determination of production of the system has been finalized. If the weapon were to be produced it would be regulated by the National Firearms Act of This would require a registered transfer only to qualified individuals. The reliably accurate David Crane has had his hands on the prototype.

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fmg9 civilian

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Please keep comments to less than words. No abusive material or spam will be published. Ariel January 16, PM. Now we are very bad! What's the bet that its next use will be for terror attack?

FMG-9 - Comparison in 6 Different Games

MQ September 12, AM. This the doomsday device urban warriors have been looking for, no other purpose but terror. Sleep in some manbag for years until activated. Make it a "pistol" and it will bypass all the SBR laws. Related Stories. Load More. Most Viewed.

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